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Join me, Dr Amy Johnson, Barbara Patterson, Angus and Rohini Ross for an exploration of fulfilling life, Relationships, vitality, work, play and dissolving habits. This will be a fun and fulfilling conversation that can provide the perfect foundation for the second half of 2019.

July 19-21, 2019
Santa Monica, CA.

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Mid Year Reset and Refresh

Hit the refresh button and experience new insights, fresh perspective, and momentum in your work and life.

A 2.5-day retreat led by Angus & Rohini Ross, Amy Johnson, Scott Kelly & Barb Patterson

What if you could reset, refresh and move into the second half of 2019 with more energy, creativity, connection and purpose?

This weekend retreat will be a rare opportunity to hear from and engage with five teachers who are committed to helping people access new levels of well-being, vitality, creativity, purpose and connection. We will all point to the same truth & understanding, but with our own unique insights that focus in our specific areas of interest.

During this weekend, we will explore our deeper nature and its connection to life, health, relationships and our work. By tapping into the power and potential of our true self, we access new levels of health, vitality and potential. This funds our work and lives in profound and practical ways.

Specifically, we will explore relationships, habits, health & vitality and purpose. Each of us has been deeply impacted by this understanding and it has transformed us personally and professionally. We will each share insights we’ve had in these specific areas, in our lives and in our work with others.

This will be an interactive, engaging, insightful & fresh exploration. Ultimately, creating a space of transformation, new depth, connection, realizations and new momentum.

Relationships with Rohini and Angus Ross
Habits and addiction with Dr. Amy Johnson
Health and Vitality with Scott Kelly
Our Work and Purpose with Barb Patterson

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