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Live Insightfully, Fulfilled and Engaged in this 3 Month Group Immersion

You have more to bring to life, your relationships and to your work and play but not sure how to bring it. You may even feel too overwhelmed to even try. This is why I designed the L.I.F.E Launch Group Immersion.


Your Vitality Is Waiting
Your Clarity Will Guide You
Your Impact: Immeasurable

Next Launch Date September-December 2019

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of the way you feel…

  • There is untapped potential within you but you’re not sure how to access it…

  • You’re concerned about your health and wellbeing and know your current status is not sustainable…

  • You once knew a version of you that was full of vitality and want that back…

  • Brain fog , stress and anxiety have become your new norm…

  • Insecurities are holding you back in your life…

  • You’re burned out, fed up and disenchanted…

  • You want to bring more to your relationships and truly be yourself…

  • You find that you are far more reactive than you used to be…

  • You are sprinting on a treadmill and going nowhere…

  • You are open, hopeful and ready to shift…

You have capacities within you that are phenomenal if you only knew how to release them
— David Bohm

The release valve on your hidden Vitality, Clarity and Impact:
L.I.F.E Launch

LIFE Launch is a 3 month deep dive into Vitality, Clarity and Impact. In an intimate group of 8-10 people we focus on three goals:


Tap into your hidden vitality that holds the capacity for revitalizing you for your life endeavors.


Learn to trust and follow your insights from a place of clarity, passion and purpose so that you can bring your best to each day.


Allow the impact of your vitality and clarity to lead in your life, health, relationships, work and play.

What Do We Explore?

  • The root of all emotional stress, overwhelm and burnout.

  • The hidden element to transformative vitality.

  • The connection between gut health and emotional wellbeing and what you can do to align the two.

  • Creating a powerful and resilient immune system from inside out.

  • The link between state of mind and physical health, healing and recovery.

  • The unspoken factors behind hormone balance and aging.

  • The built in factors but often ignored elements behind amazing relationships.

  • Creating uncompromising and deep relationships.

  • The role of nutrition in health, wellbeing and vitality.

  • The secret behind deeper more restful sleep.

  • The role of movement in wellbeing, vitality and body composition.

  • The elements of daily living that may be sabotaging you vitality.

  • How you are most likely working in the wrong direction on your health, wellbeing, vitality and the direction that will have the greatest impact.


The Details

L.I.F.E Launch is a hybrid three month program combining live face to face group retreats with live 1 on 1 coaching, web based group sessions, and weekly audio or video resources.


1:1 Connect Meeting

This is where you and I connect, where you can get a feel for me and how I coach and I can get a sense of what may be in the way for you so that our time together is meaningful and powerful.


1:1 Coaching sessions x 2

Over the three month period, you and I will have two 60 min one on one sessions where we get down with clarity together. Here, the focus is entirely on you with the objective of taking your insights deeper, looking at blind spots and limiting ideas that are in the way of your LIFE Launch. No area is out of bounds; we explore life, career, work, play or relationships. This is your time.


Two, 3.5 Day Immersion Retreats

Freedom of Mind reconnects us to resilience, creativity, and joy. From here we discover that happiness and well-being are not found in strategies, tools, techniques, and rituals but innately exist behind our sometimes busy, judgmental, worried and stressed minds.

Over four days, we immerse ourselves in exploring the blank space of pure wisdom and possibility that naturally resides within. From a place of clarity, we more easily connect with true well-being, true happiness, pure creativity, and inspiration.

Freedom of Mind points us to the source of:

• Clarity, resilience, motivation, and enjoyment of life

• Health, well-being, creativity, and performance.

• Unconditional Confidence


Bi-weekly Group Clarity Connection Meetings

Every two weeks, as a group, we will connect by phone or Zoom meeting (web video). We share insights, blind spots and dive even deeper into the realm of possibility together. We will take a look at what you think is getting in the way as well as celebrate insights and breakthroughs. I will also answer questions that come up around the lifestyle factors like nutrition, rest/sleep, and movement that empowers our experience


Weekly Insight Videos or Recordings

Every week I will share a couple of videos or a recorded resource so that you can deepen your experience. The topics will range from state of mind to nutrition, lifestyle and even the everyday environmental blockers that get in the way of vitality and simple yet powerful hacks to overcome them.

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Office Hours

Each week I post office hours where you can get questions answered.


Your Investment is $1500/month or a single payment of $4200.

Next Launch- September-December 2019


Once accepted, we will secure your spot in the September-December, 2019 L.I.F.E Launch 3 Month Immersion with a $1500 deposit. You will make two additional monthly payments of $1500. You may choose to make one full payment of $4200.

It’s hard to explain the experience because it’s something you feel. The experience has impacted me both personally and professionally and has enhanced the relationships in my life. I am much more present and engaged. I am more playful and patient with my children, I have clarity, and I feel lighter! And, for the first time, I am trusting my heart and my intuition, and it feels AMAZING!!
I do not feel as stressed out and hectic at work. I am not trying to cram too much into a day, yet I am much more productive than I used to be.
Scott, I thank you from the bottom of my heart
— C. Goldberg