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L.I.F.E Launch 3 Month Group Coaching

Live Insightfully Fulfilled and Engaged

Date- September-December 2019

Mind, Body, Consciousness and Vitality Retreats with Scott Kelly

3.5 Day Small Group Freedom of Mind Immersion

May 30th-June 2, 2019 Space is Limited. Get Your Spot

In an intimate group of 6 people, we immerse ourselves into freeing our minds. Worry, anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm fall away as clarity and freedom in our minds emerge. Over 3.5 days, we explore:

  • The mind body connection

  • Why working on behavior doesn’t create lasting change and results. And most importantly what does.

  • A quiet mind creating a quiet body.

  • How health and healing are creative on going processes that get blocked in an over stimulated, stressed body. And how getting out of the way allows for health and healing to do their jobs.

  • The fact that the mind is designed for clarity, creativity and success.

  • The fact that the body is designed for thriving and vitality.

This is an immersion experience where your own insights, wisdom and clarity provide a fresh perspective for any area of life. This immersion is for you if you are tired of strategies, techniques and tools that have fallen short and you are ready to connect with the insightful, fun loving, creative resilient person you truly are.

Health and Vitality Retreat in Nature with Scott Kelly

Adventure Insights Small Group Retreat- Coming Summer 2019

Nature and adventure collide in world class settings for transformative insights

We immerse ourselves in nature and adventure while freeing our minds, following insights and allowing nature to show us what it truly means to LIVE!