Bridging Science and Wisdom for Impact


Over 28 years ago I developed a fascination with exploring how to improve quality of life and performance. My curiosity led me down many paths from sports therapy and conditioning, to nutrition and positive psychology, all pointing to promising techniques and strategies for optimal living. In 2011, experiencing severe burnout and on the edge of a nervous breakdown, I was struck with a new reality:

  1. Working on ourselves or our “problems” isn’t helpful.

  2. There is a deeper reality within us that holds vitality, and clarity for us no matter what our life circumstances.

When our inner world of vitality is understood, we can go for what we want without the stress, overwhelm and burnout we have innocently acquired. Sound too good or even woo woo? What I have discovered over the past 25 years is that

science can validate what we can measure but can’t imagine the true capacities within us that aren’t measurable yet.  

And it’s on this playground of pure possibility that life truly begins.

This is my joy; to help individuals, couples and organizations genuinely realize that what they see as possibility for themselves is only a reflection of where they are currently looking.

And when we can see from other vantage points, connect with our vitality, we reveal capacities within that allow us to be at home with ourselves, bring our best to each day and have more life in our living.



Professional Bio:

Scott has spent over 23 years as a coach, mentor, and integrative health practitioner assisting individuals in reconnecting to their innate health and well-being, improving performance and living with clarity.

State of mind coaching is the foundation to his integrative health and well-being programs and has worked with professional athletes, Olympians, couples, family’s, teams, corporations and individuals who want to live, work, perform and play from their Zone Of Genius.

Scott is a dynamic and impactful presenter and teacher. He designs and delivers workshops and talks that leave people with a new and insightful understanding about their own health, well-being, and potential.

Scott grew up on the tennis courts and soccer fields of Connecticut. He played NCAA soccer through college before he began mountain bike racing. Scott's health and athletic endeavors have taken him to the summit of Mt. Rainier in WA. state, several routes up Mt Shasta in CA, and months of trekking in Nepal, Patagonia Chile, and Peru. Scott also enjoys bike touring and did a solo bike ride across the United States as well as a trip down the western coast. Scott now resides in Park City, UT where he plays in the mountains daily with his wife and two sons.

Education, Licenses and Certifications

  • B.S Sports Therapy University of Vermont

  • B.S Education University of Vermont

  • Certified Positive Psychology

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor

  • Neurogistics Brain Wellness Practitioner

  • Board Certified Athletic Therapist

  • Nationally Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

  • Neuromuscular Therapist

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

  • Biomeridian Practitioner

  • CHEK Institute: 
Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist Lv III

  • CHEK Institute: Holistic Lifestyle Coach Lv III

  • Pransky Three Principles Mentee 2014

Here’s to bringing the PURE possibilities in you to life