Get Out of Jail Free

Have you ever had the experience where you feel like life is getting smaller?  Like the choices you make are a bit more conservative than the ones you used to make?  Or where you tend to listen to and take advice from the part of you that has lost its spirit of adventure and freedom?


As I have gotten older, I have found that I will sometimes have irrational fears show up on the screen of my mind and the next thing  I know, I'm in a conversation or negotiation with these thoughts and ideas.  I'm thinking, what in the world is going on here?  A few years ago, these thoughts of limitation wouldn't have even occurred to me!  So I find myself sitting there asking my fears and insecurities for permission to venture more, play harder, speak up, express my passions or sometimes just to be myself!  Sound familiar?


Here's the thing, negotiating with our fears and insecurities is a complete waste of time.  Those thoughts and ideas are simply distractors from the real good stuff of life.  The deeper wisdom and vitality within that patiently reveals itself unconditionally through insights and inspiration.


It's kind of like this.  We go about life with a fantastic navigation system on board that can help us see through challenging times, inspire us with insights, creative ideas, and the energy and vitality to take action in the world.  However, we tend to get a little distracted by the fearful ideas that bubble up, the ones that tell us about our diminished value, low worth, and evaporating capabilities in the world.  


With each of these thoughts that we cling to, we add another bar onto our artificial jail in our mind.  Now the jail that we build feels real and in fact, we can find lots of evidence for why each bar we have put in place deserves to be there.  But the truth is, it's merely an artificial jail created by imaginary thinking.


So what if there was a "get out of jail free card"?  What if there was a card that was given to you that would allow you to see the made-up nature of your fears and insecurities and you could walk away from this innocently created jail?


Well, there is!  We are all issued “get out of jail free cards” all the time by our own deeper wisdom.  These get out of jail cards come to us in the form of fresh thinking, insight, perspective, and inspiration.  It's like these cards are handed to us by our wisdom telling us to "just go, do it, have fun, be you and walk out of jail free".   


But here's the part that gives us the feeling of "stuck."  We feel the energy, vitality and spirit behind our insight but then as soon as we take a step out of jail, we check in with the prison warden (the guard of our fears and insecurities)  to get permission to follow the new inspired insight.  So back to jail we go.   It's like a prison escapee stopping by the front desk to sign out. 


But what if you didn't ask permission or stop to sign out and you followed the flow of inspiration knowing that your GPS, your inner guidance system was on board not just to get out of jail, but for the entire journey of life, love, work and play?!